Studio A+B (4000sft)DAY RATE: $1600(8hrs) | Hourly  $200/hr | Min 3hrs

British cabinet library studio with Cyclorama and antique backstage

We offer a 4000 sqft open space with a post-industrial feel and touch, perfect for photo and film shoots, interview, live stream. This is an operating photo studio with 11ft high ceiling and a 25ft wide cyclorama. The space comes equipped: library, kitchen area, two private bathrooms, make up and stylist location, change room.

Whole Studio
Studio A+B
Studio A+B
Studio A+B
Studio A+B
Studio A+B
Studio A+B
Whole Studio
Whole Studio
Studio A+B
Waiting area
Studio A+B

- Capacity:
Base hourly rate - up to 30 persons
Studio capacity - 80 persons

- Sound protection for interviews and live stream.

- A freight elevator is available from 8:00am to 8:00pm from Monday to Friday. 
If you need it during the weekend or public holidays, please inform us in advance. Off hours freight service is an addtional charge $120/hr. No freight including boxes, carts, or big luggage can enter through passenger elevators. Please see our studio policy . Be smart and have a good shoot!

- Conveniently located on 32nd street and Broadway.

- You can Choose a Parking garage in the next building

Studio A+B Plan

Studio plan
Studio plan

Included with studio rent

4 Elinchrom 400W Compact MonoLight 

4 Elinchrom 500W Compact MonoLight

4 Octaboxes 24/26/32/72 inch

1 Beauty Dish 24 inch

4 Reflective Umbrellas

4 ETC Source Four 750W 

4 Hot light 600/1000/1500W

3 Led light GVM 50RS

3 Led light Godox SL Series SL200 II 200W 

1 Lightning Trigger

1 Projector Optoma ZH406ST Short Throw Laser Projector

10 x 10 ft. Rolls of Seamless Photo Background Paper (White, Black)

6 C-Stand 

10 Sendbags

10 Apple Boxes

Hair & Make-up Station

3 Clothing rack, 

2 Folding tables, 

50 Folding chairs,

Steamer, Speakers, Mic, Printer



log: baza studio 5g  

Pass: baza4studio 

Connection speed on the router

DOWNLOAD 400 Mbps; UPLOAD 400 Mbps; 


Freight elevator length is 83 inches, width is 40 inches and height is 96 inches


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