1. Philosophy

2. Synopsis

3. Logo & Brand

4. About the building

5. Situational plan

6. A Roof


7. Interior solutions

  7.1. Antique English cabinet library studio 

  7.2. CYC studio


8. Studio features:

  8.1. Photography Shoots 

  8.2. Film / Video shooting, Interview  

  8.3. Fashion Shows 

  8.4. Theatrical performances 

  8.4. Exhibitions 

  8.5. Reality show

  8.6. Corporate events and presentations, Show room

  8.7. Related activities

9.  Portable walls. (2 pages) 

10. Construction part

  10.1. The plan of demolition of the walls

  10.2. Plan of new floors

  10.3. Plan of new walls. Statement of wall decoration

  10.4. Requirements for the room


11. Budget & Assumptions


Das Werden Studio


The name Das Werden Studio originates from the philosophy of Hegel. 

Hegel's famous dialectical equation states: thesis (Das Sind), antithesis 

(Das Nichts), synthesis (Das Werden). The Thesis is the studio, as a material being. 

The Antithesis is the creative thought of an artist, photographer, director who 

works in a studio brings his ideas into the studio space, he denies the studio 

as matter, spiritualizing it with his idea. As a result of the combination of these 

two principles, we have a third magnitude, spiritualized matter-Synthesis (Das Werden).


This studio is the result of creating a family of successful studios and understanding their 

experience.The author of the project uses techniques taken from his work in the shooting 

pavilions of majorfilm companies, as well as working with theaters as a stage designer.

The main direction of the studio: a place for professional photo and video shooting,

meeting the highest requirements. The uniqueness of the chosen places and the design

of the studio, as well as the proven techniques, also allows you to hold theater

performances, opera concerts, fashion shows, reality shows, art exhibitions in the studio,

shooting of a full-length pavilion cinema with the construction of scenery.

This project allows you to create three independent studios that can simultaneously

work in all the directions listed above without interfering with each other.

Logo & Brand


About the Bilding


Conveniently located between Spring and Broome Streets, 495 Broadway is a prime SoHo asset totaling approximately 100,000 square feet with ground-floor retail and seven floors of office space above. 

Built in 1893 in the Art Nouveau style, the building is better today than new while 

still paying tribute to its past. Floors feature 14’ vaulted ceilings, exposed brick, 

three elevators and a loft-like feel. A semiprivate entrance on Mercer St is 

possible, in addition to the main entrance at 495 Broadway 

 Situational Plan

The building is located in the center of the Art district of Soho, at the intersection 

of Broome Street and Broadway. 

The convenient location of the studio allows access to all kind of transportation:

access to a large Parking in the block, access to the subway station of the Prince Street,  Canal Street, Spring Street metro stations



Additional opportunities for the studio are presented on the roof of the building. 

Located on it is a restaurant, a swimming pool, a large outdoor area and open to stunning rooftop views


Interior solutions

Antique English cabinet library studio 

Interior solutions

Cyclorama studio

Photography shooting 

The location of a large cyclogram along the wall makes it possible to use this place as 

a huge photo space also and divide it into small independent studios that will not interfere 

with each other. This will allow you to rent a photo studio at different time intervals and 

different number of people of shooting groups

Film production, Greenscreen and Interviews

The studio's areas allow you to shoot a full-length movie using the built interiors. Shooting 

with a green screen. We have established contacts for recording interviews with the 

largest news channels, companies that shoot documentaries.

Fashion Shows

Full Production Fashion Shows and Exhibitions including New York Fashion Week

Theater and Dance Performances,
Opera and Immersive Shows.

The location of the building on Broadway makes it possible to conduct full-fledged theatrical 

performances. Our team has accumulated a lot of experience in conducting theatrical, 

immersive shows, opera concerts.