Mark Gong prepared for New York Fashion Week at BAZA Studio. Mark and his team of designers, custom tailors, casting agents and over 200 models flooded into the space. They constructed the ideal environment to meet the challenges of NY Fashion Week Spring 2019, collaborating with a casting agency to conduct a world class model casting, lookbook photo shoot and rehearse for the catwalk. BAZA Studio was an inspirational venue for the brand. Mark Gong will be making waves!

Live shoot from Baza Studio NYC. In order to really get the job done portrait photography has taken on a new meaning. Today we integrate technology and capture images into a real-time editing and quality control, state-of-the-art equipment. At the end of the day it still comes back to the basics of having top-notch experienced photographers and the production team to get it done. BAZA Studio is NYC's top location for head shots and portraits. Visit our website for more information. Http://

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

I am pleased to invite you to Althea Dance Company's next show Contemplation.

Come see Althea Dance's full length show for the fall season 2018 at Baza Studio and discover the company's new pieces by international choreographers.

Contemplation is a full length show that presents 5 pieces, all being very different in styles and atmospheres. This set of multiple pieces introduces the different ways to look at the living world. How much importance do you give to each little detail that make life what it is? How much do you let it have an impact on yourself?

Althea Dance focuses on international collaboration with artists from different fields such as writers, musicians, painters or visuals artists. The company explores new ways of sharing dance with the audience and how to reach to people who may not be used to the contemporary dance scene.

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